The pace of innovation, at times, leaves us breathless.

In 1965, Intel’s Gordon Moore observed, “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months.” Few realized how Moore’s Law would deliver a magnitude of exponential change, driving a fundamental shift in computing, energy, transportation, and communications.

Since 1832, Rogers Corporation has served as a bedrock for innovation. As early as 1949, we manufactured insulation for the emerging electronics industry. Today, our high performance materials empower a broad range of high-technology systems and devices that help the world work better…

•   Cleaner, more efficient energy production and distribution

•   Safer, smarter transportation

•   High speed, high reliability communication networks

Powering, protecting, connecting our world.

Today’s environmental challenges mean we all need to get serious about doing what it takes to enable clean energy for a greener planet. This takes many forms when it comes to making the materials that give our world its shape. For instance, power distribution systems can  make wind and solar energy technologies more reliable and efficient. Cushioning products can provide critical vibration protection for batteries in hybrid electric vehicles.

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Rogers Corp. is committed to clean energy. Our researchers spend many man-hours developing materials and components that help save energy by providing innovative power distribution and thermal management in hybrid electric vehicles for variable frequency motor drives. As demand grows, we will continue to make sustainable energy more practical, more cost effective, and more reliable.

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