Great news!  The team at Rogers PORON Cushioning has done it again…

We have a new design tool for you to try out….

The Rogers’ PORON® Cushioning Material Selection Tool will assist you in identifying PORON® Cushioning materials that may be ideally suited to meet your design requirements. The mission of this design tool is to provide several material options based upon your design requirements.  It offers a two-level drill down to get closer to your specific requirements:

The design scenarios include:

Application Sub Application
Aftermarket Insoles Athletic Insole
Ball of Foot Cushioning
Comfort/Casual Insole
Diabetic Insole
Medical/Orthapedic Insole
Animal Apparel Horse Boots
Saddle pads
Apparel Gloves
Upper body
Lower body
Bags and Accessories Bag Straps
Electronic Device Cases
Footwear Athletic
Diabetic footwear
High heel
Ice Skates
Orthopedic footwear
Snowboarding/ Ski Boots
Work/Heavy Duty
Medical Devices
Protective Apparel Gloves
Lower Body
Performance Cushioning
Upper Body
Protective Equipment Elbow pads
Hip pads
Knee pads
Protective vest
Shin guards
Shoulder pads

We encourage you to contact a Rogers’ representative for more detailed product information. At the bottom of the page you will find a technical questions/feedback form. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving this tool that may better assist you or provide feedback on what you think.