Today’s environmental challenges mean we all need to get serious about doing what it takes to enable clean energy for a greener planet. This takes many forms when it comes to making the materials that give our world its shape. For instance, power distribution systems can  make wind and solar energy technologies more reliable and efficient. Cushioning products can provide critical vibration protection for batteries in hybrid electric vehicles.

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Rogers Corp. is committed to clean energy. Our researchers spend many man-hours developing materials and components that help save energy by providing innovative power distribution and thermal management in hybrid electric vehicles for variable frequency motor drives. As demand grows, we will continue to make sustainable energy more practical, more cost effective, and more reliable.

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We want to thank you for visiting our brand new corporate blog for Rogers Corporation.  This blog is for the design engineers across the world who are tasked with creating new, innovative products that will serve hundreds of thousands of people, every day.  We understand the challenges in keeping on top of new trends and technologies that are changing our world, even as we write this, and want to provide a central hub for bringing that information together for collaboration, discussion and exploration.  We have lots planned for the upcoming months, and will be highlighting our thought leaders from across Rogers including John Coonrad from our Advanced Circuits Materials business unit, Ken Kozicki from our BISCO® Silicone Foams business unit, and Fred Seidel from our PORON® Urethane Foams business unit.

We will be exploring the global trends we are seeing affect our key markets including portable communications, communications infrastructure, consumer electronics, mass transit, automotive, defense, and sustainable energy markets.  We’ll be highlighting the fantastic work that is happening within Rogers and the people behind:

We encourage you to let us know what’s on your mind by making a comment at any point.  We want to know what you want to hear or learn more about.  This blog is about helping engineers meet their design challenges and help drive innovation in their products across the globe!