Part of being a conscious global citizen is realizing that it’s possible to make a difference. Rogers is well aware of the impact a company can have. Our goal is to encourage our employees to be socially conscious and strive to improve the lives of those they touch.  We are immensely proud of the work they do on the job and in the local community. Here are a few recent stories about how our employees are making a difference.

Helping the Homeless

Adopt a FamilyFor over five years, Rogers’ Lettie Schultz has organized the company’s “Adopt a Family” donations program for the Killingly Family Resource Center in Connecticut. The center provides support for homeless families, families living in shelters, and local families in need.

This is a family affair for everyone involved. Each year, Lettie’s grandchildren help her shop, create tags, and distribute the gifts. Tags are also given to all our Connecticut facilities, including R&D and manufacturing.  “We collect the gifts in one area,” Lettie explains, “and our helpful guys in IT take them to the Family Resource Center.”

The resource center has commented about Roger’s generosity. The gifts intended for one family are sometimes shared with other families. This allows more families to participate, spreading the holiday spirit throughout the region.

Redesigning Sports Grounds

The Rogers Germany team was victorious in a charity soccer game to support a redesign of the sports ground at HPZ Irchenrieth, a therapy-based day center primarily for people with mental health disabilities.  The game provided exciting entertainment. In the end, Anette Enders (HR Manager) and Johannes Beierl (Industrial Training Manager) handed over a donation of 1.000 EUR for the redesign of the sports field. Daisy Brenner, Chairwoman of HPZ was very thankful and confirmed that the money would be in good hands.

A big thank you to our soccer team from Rogers Germany: Daniel Küfner, Benjamin Reiter, Andreas Farnbauer, Johannes Wiesend, Thomas Kohl, Andre Brunner, Michael Pfleger, Marco Wöhrl, Johannes Bauer, Tobias Weber, Michael Melchner, Fabian Gradl, Raphael Hösl, and Alexander Schäffler.

Top 10 Employee Caring Enterprise

Suzhou Cares PosterRogers Technologies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was awarded “Top 10 Employee Caring Enterprise” by the General Labor Union of Suzhou Industrial Park. Suzhou delivers their corporate caring culture from a number of angles, including their “Journey Towards Care” program, which focuses on employees’ happiness, learning, and growth, as well as their efforts to spread care to the community.

Caring for our Teachers

Rogers’ Chandler, Arizona building is undergoing renovations.  Employees have pitched in to clear out the building. Large recycle bins hauled away massive amounts of “stuff”—including outdated books and files with paperwork—some with notes for the inventions and processes that have led to our current success.  It’s awe inspiring to know Rogers has been a part of so many game-changing innovations for over 180 years.

After an employee “rummage sale,” we had an opportunity to recycle unused office furniture and supplies.  Habitat for Humanity took some items and suggested we donate the rest to Treasures 4 Teachers (T4T).

Barbara Blalock began T4T in 2004, collecting donations for a YMCA preschool and storing them in her garage.  As more donations poured in from the community, her vision of supporting educators grew into a community resource warehouse.

Teachers join T4T for $35/year and are given unlimited access to shopping for low or no cost. Teachers might spend as much as $1,000 a year out of their own pocket for school supplies, so T4T offers these items at no cost or at a nominal fee to help sustain our educators.

The Fight Against Cancer

Former Rogers Belgium colleague, Arsène Demaret, and his team “De Gulden Sporen” (the Golden Spurs) from Brussels, took part in the Levensloop (Run for life), a unique concept in the fight against cancer.

The Levensloop brings together communities to watch the 24-hour relay and enjoy festive events for all ages.  “Levensloop” is all about solidarity and fundraising for the fight against cancer. The event:

  • Celebrates people who survived cancer or are still fighting the disease,
  • Commemorate people who died from cancer, and
  • Invites participants to stand up and fight as a community against cancer.

levensloop big picture


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