The world is demanding more efficient power for the devices of tomorrow. Rogers’ Power Electronics Solutions are pioneering new markets around the world for power semiconductors, modules, and devices based on optimum thermal management and power distribution.

Our new video highlights the RO-LINX® Busbars, designed with optimized inductance and controlled partial discharge for longer life time and optimum electrical performance.

The curamik® Ceramic Substrates have been developed for a wide range of applications due to their excellent heat conductivity and electrical resistance. The unique bond of pure copper and ceramic leads to high isolation voltage and ideal heat spreading. The adjusted expansion coefficient enables chip-on-board assembly.

The curamik® Micro-Channel Coolers are an ideal solution for high power applications, such as lasers, because of their low weight and small sizes. The coolers, made of thin copper coils, are four times more efficient than traditional liquid cooling.

Watch our new Power Electronics Solutions video:


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