Aircraft designers are continually looking for ways to improve passenger comfort, increase durability, and ensure safety. Travelers are looking for timely, safe arrivals. The comfort of the seat is usually the last thing they think of when they book their travel…but it’s the first thing they notice when they sit down.

crystal cabin awardEnter Silfx™ comfort foam, the lightest silicone cushion foam designed for aircraft seating and cushioning. Silfx foam uses a non-petroleum based foam technology that enables thin cushion design, longer cushion life, lasting passenger comfort, and eliminates the need for fire-blocking.

Silfx foam is a Bun Silicone, lightweight cellular silicone cast into a bun up to 8 inches in thickness. It features exceptional FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) characteristics, superior weather- and UV-resistance, and low compression set to ensure safety, long-term comfort, and durability.

Silfx silicone foam is used for:

  • Cushioning and vibration mitigation of seating and bedding in rail vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and healthcare equipment
  • Acoustic mitigation in industrial applications
  • Silicone foam in sheet and block form to be fabricated or upholstered

Recently introduced, Silfx comfort foam is in the news…

Aircraft Interiors InternationalCrystal Cabin Awards 2013: Silfx Foam Finalist in Material & Components Category

Business Jet InteriorsRogers Exhibits Silfx Silicone Comfort Foam

Aerospace ManufacturingIt’s What’s Inside That Counts

European Rubber JournalLightweight Silicone foam to Feature at Aircraft Interiors Show

Skilled PilotsRogers Corporation to Exhibit Silfx Lightweight Silicone Comfort Foam


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