For OEMs who design and manufacture smartphones and tablets, we are pleased to introduce a new way to bond displays and protect them from impact…

PORON® Foam Tape

As devices continue to shrink in size, it’s increasingly necessary to protect critical, fragile components. Our new PORON Foam Tape supplies the bond, the profile, and the protection needed for success. The new tape combines bond strength with excellent compression set resistance and dimensional stability to prevent window floating.

In bond strength simulations, PORON Foam Tape outperform competitive materials by as much as 20%. We also provides 15% greater impact protection, enabling long-lasting functional displays.

PORON Foam Tape window adhesive performs reliably, exhibiting all the high performance qualities of PORON urethanes:

  • Impressive water-sealing performance. This material passes Rogers IPX7 simulation test under zero compression.
  • High level of dimensional stability allowing for quick processing adjustments and future display repairs.

Find out more about PORON Foam Tape and our urethanes.

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