Rogers has introduced an innovative new solution for emerging power electronics applications: RO-LINX PowerCircuit busbars.

Developed to meet the growing power distribution demands in:

  • Electric vehicle (EV) drives
  • Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drives  and related charging systems
  • Solar power inverters
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Industrial motor drives.

RO-LINX PowerCircuit busbars fill the gap between printed circuit board (PCB) power distribution solutions and higher power laminated busbar systems, such as Rogers’ highly regarded RO-LINX laminated busbar products.

Key benefits:

  • Designed for multilayer power distribution for optimal thermal management
  • Can be made in three dimensions (3D) to reduce weight and footprint
  • Conforms to specific engineering designs to maximize efficiency.
  • Eliminates assembly steps at the end user reducing complexity and sources of error

Product Features:

  • Operates in higher power applications, generally at current levels from 500 A to more than 1000 A.
  • Fills the gap in designs for low to medium voltages and current levels
  • Ideal for applications at current levels from 100 to 500 A
  • Can be combined with industrial mounting of functional components such as capacitors, sensors, and IGBTs

Read the entire RO-LINX press release

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