For more than 45 years, PORON® technologies have provided long-term comfort and performance to brands in the work, outdoor, athletic, casual, and fashion industries. Through our close partnerships with designers and developers, we continue to innovate new technology advancements for underfoot cushioning.

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For those more focused on sporting goods, you have seen the rapid growth of the PORON sub-brand — PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection. PORON® XRD® Impact Protection innovations and brand partnerships can be found in American football, work wear, baseball, mountain biking, and more.

As we continue to serve our brand partners and establish connections with athletes, we have recognized a need to establish two separate brands: PORON Comfort and XRD Impact Protection. Working as PORON Comfort and XRD Impact Protection will allow us to better serve the distinct needs of our footwear and impact protection partners and end-users.

Over the next couple of months, you will see some exciting news and updates from both the PORON Comfort and XRD Impact Protection brands. Some of these updates are starting to evolve today via our social and online media channels.002962_PORON_OR Daily Show Ad-1_v5.indd

But one thing will not change, you can rest assured the PORON Comfort and XRD Extreme Impact Protection brands will continue to stand for innovation and quality, and our partnerships with the industry’s leading brands will continue to lead the way for advancements in product design.

We hope you will continue to take part in both the PORON Comfort and XRD Impact Protection brands. Stay tuned for new developments, partnership announcements and brand engagement opportunities from both PORON Comfort and XRD Extreme Impact Protection!

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