In this video, John Coonrod discusses why there are so many different dielectric constants (Dk) that are used in the microwave printed circuit board industry.

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There are a number of test methods to determine the dielectric constant of circuit materials used in the microwave or high frequency industry.

In this video, “Common Test Methods for Measuring Dielectric Constant,” you will learn about the most common test methods like Clamped Stripline Resonator Test, Split Post Dielectric Resonator, Full Sheet Resonance (FSR), and Microstrip Differential Phase Length Method.

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Everything changes with time and printed circuit boards are no different! Watch this video to learn about four items that contribute to the aging of high frequency PCBs and the impact on electrical performance.

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Are you interested in learning how printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication can affect insertion loss of microwave PCBs?

In this video John discusses what influences the making of PCBs and how they can affect the insertion loss of microwave or millimeter wave printed circuit boards.

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Learn about and compare the different RO4000® laminates in this Coonrod’s CORNER video. Find out  which laminates are best suited for LNB applications, PCB antennas, and more!

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