Rogers Corporation’s internship program provides a dynamic learning environment where students from universities around the world are offered opportunities to work on real-world challenges and meaningful projects that will positively impact our business, our customers, and our interns.

Elastomeric Material Solutions interns Tom Brzyski and Payton Rehling in Rogers, CT.

We work with interns from a wide variety of schools, including Worcester Polytechnic Institute, UCONN, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Arizona State University, Bethany College, Michigan State University and Illinois Institute of Technology.

We are proud that many of our previous interns are now among our most valued employees!

While it is sometimes challenging for mentors to ensure interns have meaningful work, our crews rise to the occasion – not only organizing impactful projects, but also dedicating time and attention to the interns’ development throughout their tenure.

Alec Labb, Quality Engineering Intern in our Bear, DE facility, applauds Rogers’ dedication to the true spirit of internships. He writes, “Rogers undeniably goes above and beyond in the task of defeating internship stereotypes by valuing the company’s interns and providing each one with meaningful and consequential projects.”

Alec Labb, Quality Engineering Intern, in Bear, DE.

Our interns made significant contributions to several priority projects such as: creating support tools for our Footwear and Impact sales team (Bailey Gannett, mentored by Kelly Nelson), characterizing PTFE films for use in venting (Derek Mollohan, mentored by Joseph Puglisi), assisting in the certification of our new dielectric cabinet in Carol Stream, IL (Alec Labb & Payton Rehling, mentored by Don Charbonneau) and driving key corporate and marketing communications initiatives (Evan Byrne, mentored by Amy Kweder and Jill Malczewski).

Best of all, Rogers is not the only beneficiary of the program. Each intern has expressed sincere appreciation for the experience they gained and the knowledge imparted to them by their respective mentors.

Many thanks to the Rogers interns for all of their hard work and effort.  We wish them all the best and hope that their paths may cross with Rogers again!

Many thanks to the intern mentors, as well, for investing their time and energy into the talent of the future!

Rogers Corporate Marketing Communications interns Evan Byrne, Mitchell Durbin, Emily Arnold, Leslie Bernadino and Joshua Knoll at the new global headquarters in Chandler, AZ.

Consumer products intern Bailey Gannet at a “foamy” breakfast celebration in Rogers, CT.

Power Electronics Solutions interns at a summer BBQ in Eschenbach, Germany.

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