Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 1.33.54 PMNow you can access Rogers’ PCB materials resources with the ROG Mobile App. Quick and easy access to calculators, literature, technical papers. You can even request samples on your smartphone or tablet

  • The app has tools and technical information to assist you with Rogers printed circuit board materials.
  • The Microwave Impedance Calculator assists with microwave circuit design in predicting the impedance of a circuit made with Rogers High Frequency circuit materials and also provides capabilities for predicting transmission line losses.
  • The ROG Calculators assist RF engineers with thermal and mechanical simulations for microwave PCB designs.
  • Data sheets and fabrication guides can be downloaded and material samples can be ordered.

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At the IPC Conference in February, John Coonrod sat down with Mark Thompson, Guest Editor at I-Connect007 to talk about thermal management scenarios that have come up through various customer situations.

“A circuit is heating up more than it should, why”?

By digging into the details, John identified several scenarios and wrote about them in a paper and presented this paper at IPC.  A couple scenarios include:

  • Thermal heat being generated  not due to power going through the circuit but because a hot chip is sitting on the circuit
  • RF power heating the trace and going through the circuit

Watch the video on Rogers’ Technology Support Hub (below) to hear more or download the paper/presentation John gave at IPC (requires registration):

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