A DC link is a connection between a rectifier and an inverter found in converter and VFD circuits. The DC capacitor helps prevent transients from the load side from going back to the distributor side. It also serves to smooth pulses in the rectified DC.

This webinar by the our Power Electronics Solutions group reviews the design of a DC Link System using optimized solutions based on integrated capacitor-busbar technology from Rogers Corporation.

Due to lower overshoot voltages and less uF/kW of required total capacitance, this solution offers lower total system cost and increased power density. The integrated capacitor-busbar assemblies are developed for critical DC link applications in traction drive inverters for HEV/EV, and inverter systems for solar and wind power.

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Integrated Capacitor-Busbar Technology

The ROLINX® CapEasy and ROLINX® CapPerformance capacitor-busbar assemblies combine extremely low inductance and high power density to create small, lightweight devices. They feature a unique Power Ring Film Capacitor™ technology from SBE Inc. and the well-known ROLINX Laminated Busbars from Rogers Corporation. The result is reduced total system cost, improved reliability, and increased power density compared to currently available solutions.

ROLINX® CapEasy and ROLINX® CapPerformance advantages:

  • Ability to handle higher ripple currents
  • Lowest industry ESL with an integrated busbar structure
  • Increase system reliability and lifetime
  • Low system weight and volume

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