By 2020, experts project that 50 billion connected devices will be in use globally. The Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, connected cars, fitness monitors and other emerging technologies are increasingly relying on global wireless networks to connect.

Advanced Materials in 5G and the IoT

Fifth Generation (5G) networks demand greater material performance to support these IoT devices. Rogers’ diverse portfolio of high frequency, high performance materials enable these complex 5G technologies that create our mobile networks, including antennas, backhaul radios and power amplifiers. And our R&D teams are collaborating every day with design engineers to develop additional unique material solutions for 5G technology.

5G is pushing the limit of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs including antennas, control functions and amplifier circuits. PCB attributes such as copper surface roughness, Dk variations, thermal dissipation, passive intermodulation, coefficient of thermal expansion and thickness variations affect 5G designs more than previous generations.

5G: Higher Frequencies

Next-gen 5G wireless networks promise more capacity and capability than 4G LTE systems, using wider channel bandwidths, new antenna and modulation technologies and higher carrier frequencies even through millimeter wave frequencies.

The transition to 5G will require the widespread use of higher, millimeter-wave frequency of 28 GHz and above. Evolving 5G infrastructure will depend on low-loss circuit materials engineered for these high frequencies.

Our new RO4835T laminates and RO4450T bonding materials are well suited for millimeter-wave frequencies as part of the inner core of 5G hybrid multilayer PCBs. They work well with other materials to provide the many functions needed by 5G wireless base stations, including power, signal control and signal transfers.

5G Resources for Design Engineers

Meeting the demands of evolving 5G infrastructure, engineers need to address the right balance of material performance and cost.

5G and Connectivity

For engineers and manufacturers, we created online educational resources about material considerations for 5G designs. You can access technical information and helpful videos on our 5G resources page.

“The Road to 5G” Video Series

Our Road to 5G videos offer quick and easy ways to learn how to specify PCB materials for 5G to get ready for this next revolution in wireless communications.

Other Resources

Stay connected with our team and learn more about 5G technology by subscribing to our Tech Support Hub.

Selected quotes from our recent earnings call. Read the corporate financials news release: Rogers Corporation Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

In Q1 2018, our net sales were $214.6 million, compared to 2017 first quarter net sales of $203.8 million.

Bruce Hoechner, CEO, on Growth Drivers

We have significant growth opportunities in our existing markets, particularly in advanced mobility and advanced connectivity, where the global outlook is strongly positive.

Strong growth in our Advanced Mobility markets, especially EV/HEV and ADAS, were highlights in the quarter. This strength was offset by lower demand in wireless infrastructure as the market transitions to 5G technology. As the 5G technology evolves, Rogers is seeing substantial design-ins and pilot installations around the world. We have significantly greater material content in these highly sophisticated systems. We are actively expanding capacity to support upcoming market demand.

Revenue mix and operational challenges largely in the Advanced Connectivity Solutions business were the primary factors contributing to our lower than anticipated margin performance during Q1. Our actions to resolve these operational issues, as well as the strong outlook in our key markets, give us confidence in our ability to achieve our 2020 objectives.

We remain focused on the four pillars of our proven growth strategy: market-driven, innovation leadership, synergistic M&A, and operational excellence.

Bruce Hoechner, CEO, on Rogers’ Business Units

Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS) reported 2018 first quarter net sales of $73.5 million, a 6.5% decrease compared to 2017 first quarter net sales of $78.5 million. The decrease in 2018 first quarter net sales was largely driven by lower demand in wireless 4G LTE, portable electronics and satellite TV applications, partially offset by continued strength in demand for automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) revenues. Looking ahead, most experts are projecting that 5G deployments will accelerate in the first half of 2019, with a diverse portfolio of solutions that offer support for very high frequencies and solve thermal issues. ACS is well positioned to capitalize on this evolution to more complex systems.

Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS) reported 2018 first quarter net sales of $78.1 million, a 1.6% increase compared to 2017 first quarter net sales of $76.9 million. EMS net sales increased on higher demand in portable electronics, general industrial and electric and hybrid electric vehicles, partially offset by lower demand in mass transit and other applications. We are pleased with the traction EMS is gaining in a number of next-generation materials. These include battery pressure pads that enable cooling of EV/HEV batteries as well as unique ceiling solutions that protect the batteries from water, dust and other extreme environmental conditions. We expect demand in this market to continue as more EV and HEV models are introduced.

Power Electronics Solutions (PES) reported 2018 first quarter net sales of $57.7 million, a 35.3% increase compared to 2017 first quarter net sales of $42.7 million. 2018 first quarter net sales increased due to broad based demand across markets, including particular strength in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, renewable energy and laser diode coolers. As these markets expand and the technology requirements become more challenging, the PES solutions portfolio is uniquely positioned to address this complexity.


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