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We are proud to present all of Rogers Communities that exist across the social sphere. Here you can find a variety of conversations. Read the blogs to find out the latest buzz. Check out the action on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, too. Discuss anything and everything to do with high performance materials and their use.  You can interact with the Rogers design experts from our 3 divisions: Printed Circuit Materials, High Performance Foams and Power Electronic Systems. Or you can talk amongst yourselves. The design engineering community thrives when we all work together for a better tomorrow.

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Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM)

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10 Responses to Rogers Communities

  1. Praveen Reddy S says:

    What is RT in RT/Duroid???/

    • sharilee says:

      It’s just part of the product name. As far as I know, it doesn’t stand for anything in particular.

      • aarno hassell says:

        The RT is “reinforced teflon”
        I am a retired VP of Rogers was Div Mgr of Poron ’76-80
        VP Microwave Products 1980-1992
        Best Wishes
        Aarno Hassell

        • sharilee says:

          Thank you so much, Aarno! Hope you’re having a wonderful retirement. With the 5 feet of snow we have here this winter, I’m thinking retirement somewhere warm sounds about right 🙂

  2. abhishek says:

    if i have to order RO4350B ,then please tell how to order?
    is it that sample of this free for students??

  3. Jeremy says:

    Can you send me the UL certificate of compliance of seal HT-800? The CSA need me provide the UL certificate to them.

    Thanks for your warm help.

  4. Raveendra says:

    Can you provide the some information RF Power capability of the transmission line of micro strip/CPWG? please provide the some data on this.

    • mdippel says:

      Hello Raveendra,

      Thank you for your inquiry. One of our Sales Engineers will be able to provide you with additional technical details. Where are you located? We can help you find your area’s dedicated Sales Engineer.

      Thank you!

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