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Anurag Tihaiya, Rogers Corporation, Product Development High Performance Foams Division, provides a closer look at the development of the new generation of PORON® ReSource…

Q: Why did Rogers Corporation decide to develop a more sustainable product at this time?

Our commitment to sustainable practices and developing new materials in a responsible way has been the cornerstone of Rogers’ business operations since the beginning. Today, all Rogers’ products are free of latex, PVCs, VOCs and heavy metals. Further, Rogers is continually working to identify and develop new materials and formulations that meet the high standards of performance our customers demand, while reducing the environmental impact of these products whenever possible.

The 1st generation of PORON ReSource Cushioning contained a total of 20% ‘green’ content that consisted of 10% ground PORON scrap material and 10% soy-based polyol.  Today, the latest PORON ReSource material has been further refined, through several years of focused research and development, to contain 45% less petroleum based polyols – currently the highest replacement value available today.

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This post authored by John Coonrod originally appeared on the RogBlog hosted by Microwave Journal

Isn’t designing a microwave filter as simple as loading parameters into a computer-aided-engineering (CAE) program? In truth, many modern CAE software tools are quite good, and can provide accurate predictions of performance when fed sufficient input data. However, most do not account for all variables influencing a high frequency filter, including the effects of anisotropic printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials. When designing RF and microwave filters, it helps to choose your PCB material wisely.

High frequency filters come in many forms, based on lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band-reject responses. As their names suggest, they are designed to operate at specific frequencies or bands of frequencies, to allow some signals to pass with minimal loss and stop other signals with high attenuation. Modern cellular telephones, for example, rely on filters to separate different cellular frequency bands within a handheld transceiver. Because of the growing integration of multiple functions in electronic devices, such as Bluetooth receivers and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers in cellular telephones, filter designers are being asked to develop improved performance but in smaller circuits. As filters are made smaller and packed more closely together on a PCB, the choice of PCB material becomes a critical step in achieving acceptable filter performance.

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This post originally appeared on Roger’s PORON Cushioning Blog

Dr. Oz and a guest podiatrist, Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, look at the effect of high heels and review two possible solutions, including the incorporation of PORON Cushioning, which never loses its shape, and provides cushioning and shock absorption for your feet.

Original Air Date Oct 20, 2010, (rerun on December 28, 2010).

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2011 is now here! New Year is a great time to set new career goals and connect with your friends, colleagues, partners & mentors.

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Things move quickly at Rogers!  Just yesterday, an announcement was made that Rogers signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the stock of Curamik Electronics GmbH, a manufacturer of power electronic substrate products headquartered in Eschenbach, Germany, for €116 million (subject to closing adjustments).  Today, the deal has been closed and the acquisition complete.

Curamik, founded in 1983, is the worldwide leader for development and production of direct copper bonded (DCB) ceramic substrate products used in the design of intelligent power management devices, such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules. These devices enable a wide range of products including highly efficient industrial motor drives, wind and solar energy converters and hybrid electric vehicle drive systems. Most of Curamik’s products are manufactured using state-of-the-art automated processes in its facility located in Eschenbach, Germany.

Robert C. Daigle, Rogers’ Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer commented:

“This is an exciting acquisition for Rogers. Curamik is a recognized market-leader in power electronic substrate products for the sustainable energy market. This acquisition is a significant complement to our existing power electronic product portfolio, which includes our Power Distribution Systems and Thermal Management Solutions businesses”.

Robert D. Wachob, Rogers’ President and CEO commented;

“I am pleased to complete this acquisition as it provides the Company with significant opportunities to grow platforms in its targeted strategic markets.”

Read the full press releases about the signed agreement and completed transaction.

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