Rogers Annual Party in China

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Each year, Rogers Asia holds a party in China to celebrate the company’s year of work and the upcoming Chinese Lunar Spring Festival. Held in Suzhou, this year’s annual party theme of “Power the Future” encouraged employees to reflect on Rogers’ history; from humble beginnings in 1832 as a paper mill to growing into a multinational enterprise in engineered materials 186 years later.

More than 900 employees attended the event, sparking an electrifying setting from start to finish. Before entering the banquet room, attendees walked through a “Time Tunnel” displaying Rogers’ innovative history presented on a series of murals. At the end of the tunnel, a large 3D Rogers’ Spaceship model presented a fun photo opportunity. Rocking music and heartfelt applause welcomed guests into the party, creating a fun atmosphere that lasted throughout the night.










To kick things off, the Asia Management and Asia Leadership Teams presented an energizing dance performance. Then, after an inspiring speech from President and CEO Bruce Hoechner and Rogers Asia President Helen Zhang, both Bruce and Helen joined Chief Human Resources Officer Gary Glandon and VP of Process Excellence and Supply Chain Gustavo Araujo to sing the classic ballad “Sweet Caroline.” The night continued with performances given by staff from different departments, culminating in a freestyle dance for all attendees at the end of the evening.









The heavy snow and cold weather outside did not detract from the warm party environment. In fact, there is a Chinese proverb that states a heavy snow brings a fruitful year, a statement we will work to bring to fruition for Rogers in 2018.  Thank you to those who celebrated at the Annual Party and to all employees who continue to help Rogers power, protect, connect our world.  Be sure to check out the video for a preview of our rich Rogers’ culture.


Seating is an inarguably critical feature for many commuters, whether they’re traveling in planes, cars, buses, or trains. An uncomfortable seat can turn the easiest of commutes into a long, uncomfortable trek.

Riders on San Francisco’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Fleet of the Future enjoy an exceptional ride thanks to Rogers’ BISCO® MF1® silicone foam.

Providing safety and passenger comfort, Rogers’ silicone foam gave design engineers the ability to enhance seat design while providing an optimum passenger experience. BISCO silicone foams are manufactured to comply with EN 45545 requirements (a standard for fire protection of railway vehicles) without the use of restricted toxic substances. The fire-resistant properties are inherent to its homogenous cell structure, eliminating the need for fire-block layers.

Comfort was of top concern as well. BART understood it was an issue of immense interest for their riders as extensive lab testing revealed that commuters were looking for a firm but cushioned feel in the seats.

Martin S. Linder, a professor in the School of Design and Industry at San Francisco State University, and an internationally recognized expert in industrial design, said it’s not surprising that seating design is a top concern of riders.

“This is the kind of stuff the public interfaces with,” said Linder, who has no connection with BART. “Seating is personal.”

Linder, also founder and CEO of MSL Design, consults for the Herman Miller furniture company on the design of seating in hospitals — another setting where seating is important.

He said in both health care and public transit settings, there are practical concerns, such as having easy-to-clean surfaces for sanitation, but that comfort also has a non-trivial role to play.

“The materials that you choose matter,” he said. “They have to be easily cleaned, with density and rigidity to sustain a lot of use but to provide empathy to the body. We are not computers. We are made of tissue and bones.”

The selection of Rogers’ BISCO silicone material illustrates that BART cares about its customers by keeping them both safe and comfortable – making the daily commute a whole lot easier.


Chances are you’ve tuned into the 2018 Olympic Winter Games over the course of the last few days. You may be surprised to learn that, in addition to the athletes, cheering fans, and news crews, Rogers Corporation has a presence at the Games.  

PORON® Comfort polyurethane, our breathable and flexible cushioning material that delivers long-lasting and flexible cushioning to a wide range of products, is found in the insole of Harlick Skating Boots. Commonly viewed as a legend in the skating world, Harlick Boots are renowned for their quality and construction.

Here’s a recent note from Harlick:

Just thought you would like to know that your product was used to handcraft a Harlick custom skating boot for skaters that will be skating on Olympic ice. All of us at Harlick would like to thank you for your high quality product that is used. Without our suppliers Harlick wouldn’t be able to produce such a beautiful skating boot.

Harlick boots are all handcrafted, since 1933, in our small factory in California with a total of 10 employees. Our sons are fourth generation keeping the craft and all the old machines running. We say our job is sometimes messy and grinding but the end result is a masterpiece and the sport of ice skating is beautiful and inspiring!

Thank you and we look forward to many more orders with you!

Phil, Ginger, & Jason Kuhn

Harlick Skating Boots

Thank you, Harlick, and best of luck to all the competitors!


Inspired to Innovate: University Partnerships

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Global Innovation Partnerships 

Design collaboration and innovation is in our DNA.

At Rogers, we innovate to design a brighter and more sustainable future by creating a cleaner, safer and more connected world. Our innovative material solutions enable breakthroughs in clean technology, advanced connectivity, eMobility and more — but it’s our people that set us apart.

Our global teams enable innovations across the world, providing a range of services, from R&D and material engineering, to design engineering and product development.

Rogers’ innovation space expands far beyond the reaches of our laboratories – we are collaborating with technology leaders across the globe. Our R&D teams partner with leading research universities, peer companies, start-ups and OEMs to accelerate breakthrough innovations in advanced materials.

Rogers’ innovation teams solve material challenges for new and emerging applications, including Advanced Mobility and Advanced Connectivity, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV), 5G infrastructure and many others.

From ideation to product incubation and development, we establish partnerships at the intersection of research, technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

University Partnerships 

We are proud to partner with leading research universities across the globe to accelerate commercialization of new material solutions in a regional context.

Creating relationships with universities and commercial partners in the Western region of the US through our Chandler, AZ Innovation Center.

Our Innovation Center in Burlington, MA partners with Northeastern University and other regional universities to drive strategic platform development.

Rogers Corporation operates three Innovation Centers spanning the globe, with locations in the US and China. These hubs of innovation leverage shared expertise and foster open collaboration between industry and academia.

Our Innovation Center in Suzhou, China partners with Chinese universities and peer companies.

Working closely with research scientists complements our own expertise in advanced materials. The Centers connect R&D and marketing teams with university researchers and students. Our partnerships also provide educational opportunities through student research co-ops, sponsored R&D programs, and other industry-classroom initiatives. For example, our research team in Eschenbach, Germany is fostering use-inspired research with leading European universities and technology partners.

Our global collalborations with research universities provide unique opportunities for symbiosis, collaboration, and the cross-pollination of ideas. Together, we are co-creating solutions to power, protect, connect our world.

Learn more about Rogers’ Innovation Centers. 


One man’s magic is another man’s engineering.” – Robert Heinlein

National Engineers Week is February 18-24! Join us in recognizing engineers and how they make the world a better place.

The annual National Engineers Week is a movement and commitment to raise awareness about STEM careers and the role engineers play in making a difference in our world.

This year’s theme focuses on how engineers inspire wonder by pushing limits and creating new innovations. From self-driving cars on Earth to satellites guiding travel from Space, engineers change the world in wondrous ways.

Engineering Our World

Engineers and Rogers are virtually synonymous. As an engineering company, we are developing advanced materials to power, protect, connect our world. We have over 350 engineers enabling innovations across the world, providing a range of services, from R&D and quality engineering, to supplier and sales engineering.

Celebrating Engineers Week, #eWeek2018 

As we prepare to celebrate this exciting week, we join nationwide initiatives to increase understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. Follow #eWeek2018 to participate in conversations and share your ideas to help prepare future generations of technical problem solvers.

Let’s start by sharing fun and engaging ways to inspire STEM-related career paths, as well as educational resources available to students, teachers, and parents.

Idea Starters

  • Talk to kids about engineering!
    Children are naturally curious about the world they live in. Spark their interest by engaging in interactive activities from STEM games and apps to camps, contests, and career resources. Visit this comprehensive list of 239 cool STEM sites for kids.
  • Watch “Dream Big: Engineering Our World with kids and youth. The film takes viewers on a journey to experience engineering wonders around the world. Dream Big is a fully interactive educational experience accompanied by virtual exhibits, educational events, and hands-on activities. Find it in a movie theater near you. 
  • Visit DiscoverE ( for ideas and creative resources to help kids and youth discover and experience engineering.

Participate in Engineers Week Events

  • Go to an engineering-related event in your community. Check out DiscoverE’s calendar to see if there is an event near you.
  • Join online conversations using hashtag #eWeek2018 to share inspirational stories and educational resources.

Volunteer for a STEM Program and Share Your Knowledge

Many local youth organizations have or are developing STEM programs. Offer your help as a volunteer or mentor to give students your insight and inspiration about STEM careers.

All it takes is a good conversation, an inspirational story or a mentor to spark curiosity and even aspiration.

  • Invite a student to shadow you at work.
  • Make a presentation about engineering at a school career day.
  • Volunteer for a science and engineering fair.

Start your volunteer journey by searching for a local STEM organization in your area:

Share Your Ideas and Success Stories!

Share with us in the comments section how you are using engineering to inspire wonder and encourage kids and youth to pursue STEM careers.