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There’s a lot of chatter about the latest technologies designed to power, protect, and connect our world. Each of these brings with it a new set of challenges in finding the right high performance materials to enable them. How are engineers solving the heat and performance issues inside giant windmills, solar farms, and high-speed trains? How do designers accommodate higher Internet speeds and the new level of circuit materials required inside cell towers and base stations? What kind of material technologies are needed to drive the advanced automotive safety systems being introduced in the market? Did you know that innovative impact protection solutions can now save our tablets from breaking when we drop them? The answers are more involved than you might think.

That’s why we’ve created this blog. Our goal is to gather the industry’s latest news and opinions on the world’s toughest materials challenges and how they are being handled by the advances in high performance materials.  We highlight content from industry experts, customers, and our own communities across Rogers Corporation and around the world. Visit the Rogers Communities tab here to discover where else Rogers is participating in social networks.

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