A huge thank you and best wishes to Fred Seidel, Customer Service Manager, on his retirement from Rogers. Known as Mr. PORON, Fred has a deep and extensive knowledge of all of Rogers’ elastomeric products, including the PORON® family of polyurethane materials. From its beginnings as a sintered vinyl used as an insole wrap in the shoe industry, to today’s wide range of formulations, PORON materials deliver durable, long-term performance in gasketing, sealing, and cushioning applications. Fred’s professional expertise will be greatly missed. Again, our best wishes go with you Fred – enjoy your retirement!


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2 Responses to Thank You, Mr. PORON

  1. Shraga Kiesari says:

    As the Israeli PORON distributor for Israel, I had great opportunity working with Fred for over 20 years. Fred always made it so clear and exact, which contributed to the sucssess of ROGERS products in Israel. Fred always added a personal touch to his enormoth knowledge, made it so easy to work with Thank you Fred, I wish you all the best on your retirment and all your future plans.
    Shraga Kiesari – J.S Gull, Israel

  2. Rudiger Janssens says:

    It’s some time ago … and I do remember your passion for Rogers, it’s community and it’s products. All the best Fred!

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