“When you think about what determines the success of a company, it’s not just about money,” said Tim Gauthier, Global Director of Corporate EHS at Rogers Corp. “For Rogers, success involves listening to customers, investors, employees, channel partners, and regulatory agencies to refine our definition of corporate responsibility.”

At Rogers Corp., corporate responsibility is a commitment to manage our activities in a responsible way: business ethics, health and safety, environmental practices, employee engagement community activities, and human rights.

Recently, customers made it clear they wanted to learn more about Rogers’ corporate responsibility. With this feedback, we assembled a project team and determined that we needed one place on our web site to highlight all the great things we do every day.

This month we launched the Corporate Responsibility hub. It provides an inside look at the conscience of the company and how Rogers operates around the world.

Corporate Responsibility

We organize our responsibilities around seven key pillars:

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Community Care
  • Environmental
  • Code of Business Ethics
  • Supply Management
  • Energy
  • Quality

The core of our Corporate Responsibility program is Health and Safety. We promote a workplace free of occupational injuries and illness by emphasizing individual responsibility for safety from all employees. This is supported at all levels of management. Since Bruce Hoechner, CEO, joined Rogers, we’ve put a huge effort into health and safety. We’ve significantly reduced injuries and lost time, as the data below shows. We’re especially proud of our employees; they are 100% engaged in the company’s safety programs.

Rogers Corp Injury Case Rate 2016

The Community Care principle demonstrates the fact that we respect and value the diversity reflected in our various backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Together, we provide each other with an inclusive work environment that fosters respect for our employees and those with whom we do business.

Our Environmental program works to proactively achieve environmental excellence globally.

“Companies who do well in these areas perform better in the market,” said Gauthier. “For Rogers, showcasing our beliefs and our actions that support these beliefs allows us to recruit the best employees, provide the highest quality products, and establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.”

Our Code of Business Ethics is public information that we invite all to review. We believe that how we conduct our business is just as important as what we achieve.

“Our key stakeholders don’t want to work with a company that’s going to create a bad reputation for them,” stated Gauthier. “They want to know Rogers is a good company, that we take business seriously, and that we treat people well.”

Our Supply Management program is based on our belief that in our interactions with suppliers, employees are to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Reducing our Energy usage and emissions is a critical part of our business.

Through our Quality program, we demonstrate that we are committed to providing products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Rogers will continue to develop the Corporate Responsibility program. Our quality teams are adding processes. Our health and safety teams are evolving programs. And our customers are working with us to advance our products and support procedures.

This is only the beginning of an evolving commitment to demonstrate what we believe in at Rogers Corp.

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