Our engineering teams regularly deliver breakthroughs in reliability, efficiency, and performance for advanced materials technologies. Here’s what’s new to help you build a cleaner, safer, and more connected world.

Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Rogers Advanced Connectivity Solutions manufactures high frequency PCB laminates and prepregs that are engineered to exact performance requirements.

New Laminates Enable 79 GHz Technology Advancements

79GHz_articleMillimeter wave (mmWave) applications are increasingly used in automotive electronic systems, such as automated steering and collision avoidance, and to provide the bandwidth needed for improved data throughput and video performance in 5G wireless communications systems. But first, new techniques must be developed to affordably fabricate circuits, devices and components for use above 30 GHz. Download the article.

VIDEO: Rogers Scales up Production and Integrates Arlon Products

I-Connect007 editor Pete Starkey interviews our European Sales Manager John Hendricks at Productronica. Hendricks updates Starkey on Rogers’ acquisition of Arlon, and explains how the Arlon products complement Rogers’ existing materials.

Power Electronics Solutions

Rogers Power Electronics Solutions Division provides advanced materials technologies that significantly increase efficiency, manage heat, and ensure the quality and reliability of your device.

New ROLINX® CapEasy and ROLINX® CapPerformance Improve Power Efficiency and Manage Heat

ROLINX_CapEasyThe newest additions to the ROLINX® busbar family incorporate a unique Power Ring Film Capacitor™ technology from SBE Inc. and the well-known ROLINX Laminated Busbars from Rogers Corporation. The new capacitor-busbar assembly provides extremely low inductance and high power density. The result is a small, lightweight system ideal for HEV/EV powertrain inverters, solar inverters, and wind inverter systems. http://www.rolinx.com

VIDEO: Increasing Efficiency, Performance, and Thermal Management of Power Electronics

The world is demanding more efficient power for the devices of tomorrow. Rogers’ Power Electronics Solutions are pioneering new markets around the world for power semiconductors, modules, and devices based on optimum thermal management and power distribution. This video highlights the ROLINX® Busbars, designed with optimized inductance and controlled partial discharge for longer lifetime and optimum electrical performance. Also featured are curamik® substrates with thick copper cladding for high heat conductivity, high heat capacity, and curamik® micro-channel coolers for liquid or passive cooling. Watch the video.



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