PORON® technology is springing up all over, from the streets to the fields to the slopes and everywhere in between. Search the latest gear and brands that are PORON® Performers

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 5.17.40 PMWhile PORON® technology is put through its paces in the field, our developers are busy bees in the lab. New materials are are being created…including colors!

Take a look at Senior Quality Engineer Jeremy Ross as he strolls us through some ‘desktop demos’ you can easily perform yourself. They give you a peek at PORON® cushioning’s many benefits: short term compression set, long term compression set, shock absorption, and easy fabrication.

Need help selecting the right PORON® comfort material for your underfoot designs? The PORON® Material Selection Tool will help you identify the which materials are ideally suited to your design requirements.

Happy Spring!


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