Join our Power Electronics Solutions group at PCIM Europe 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany, May 19-21, 2015, Booth 9-406, for the latest in power electronics, intelligent motion, and energy management.

Over the years, Rogers’ PES has introduced a number of innovations in advanced materials for power electronics at the show. For example, Formula Group T, a project run by Belgian masters students in engineering from GROUP T, designs and builds small electric vehicles and competes with other universities worldwide in the Formula Student competitions during the summer. We presented their car design, Eve, at last year’s PCIM Europe and caught the attention of many attendees.

The Group T students were able to make Eve’s battery pack by connecting the cells and cell stacks through the use of busbars. Also, the circuit to switch the motor between Δ and Y was made with ROLINX® busbar technology. And BISCO® silicone was used to make fireproof barriers between cell stacks and to damp for vibrations. In addition, Group T used power modules from one of the Rogers PES Division’s key customers, which contain curamik® substrates and BISCO® silicones. That’s a lot of Rogers in a small car!


This year, we will be introducing ROLINX® Compact, a new busbar designed for high power distribution in limited spaces. ROLINX Compact uses powder coating as outer insulation instead of insulation films. This allows engineers to design a more compact busbar since the space needed for the closed mold in laminated busbars can now be eliminated. Applications include communication infrastructure, such as routers, switches, and racks, and industrial applications, including VFD and UPS.

Screen shot 2015-04-29 at 11.39.54 AM

See you in Nuremberg!


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