Join us at the Struktur Event on May 6-8, 2015, for the first creative conference for the active, outdoor, and urban design industry. Held in Portland, Oregon, Rogers Corp. will be hosting the XRD® Innovation Opening during the kick-off Happy Hour on May 6th at the UO White Stag Block.

And don’t miss the XRD Design Challenge later that evening. Join XRD’s technical design team and XRD Impact Institute experts in a creative team challenge to learn about building products for impact, style, and function. Prizes will be awarded!

From Struktur Event’s Trend Insight April 2015 issue, a Q&A with our XRD branding team…

Combining Design with Tech for Unique, Protective Solutions

XRD technology is the industry leader for flexible, repeated impact protection. By utilizing our research, design and testing capabilities, we provide designers of protective gear with unique, athlete-focused protective solutions for team and action sports as well as work and military applications. XRD impact protection is engineered out of special open-cell molecules that are soft and flexible to the touch (or when worn), but instantly firm under sudden and extreme impacts to form a comfortable, protective shell…hit after hit. The combination of design with material technology allows for user comfort and product durability without sacrificing performance.

What mega-trend do you see influencing business in the next five years?

More collaboration between companies to achieve joint success. For example, at our XRD Impact Institute we’re providing research, material design and testing support for our product design partners. The XRD team’s expertise help designers to further understand the problem they want to solve, and make suggestions based on their customers’ specific needs. For example, this could result in an activity specific design such as a flexible kneepad for cycling or a gender-specific design.

What question would you like to be asked more often?

How can we create a new category? How can we get this design right, on time, and with good margins? In other words, longer term strategic partnership type questions.

What sets Struktur apart from other industry events?

It is the only event that brings together leading influencers in product design and materials technology that are driving conversations around innovation within the active/outdoor industries. It provides the XRD team with a unique opportunity to interact with influencers in a hands-on environment that is so much more productive than a traditional conference.

Read Trend Insight magazine here.

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