As the world continues to seek out new sustainable energy sources, as well as more efficient management of traditional sources, power management needs continue to evolve. Today’s wind and solar power alternatives generate large amounts of power and require more flexible and faster controllers. Compact, powerful and reliable methods of managing power are the key, and that’s where power electronics are critical.

wind_turbine_lgWith the help of materials and components developed by Rogers Corporation, power electronics are enabling engineers to use electrical power efficiently and to lower environmental impact sustainably. Power electronics refers to an electrical system that conditions the power of a supply to suit the needs of the load by using fast and controllable solid-state switches known as power semiconductors. Today, devices like Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs), conduct, block and control electrical energy for a wide array of energy generation, distribution and conversion applications and their use is expected to grow.The IGBT is used primarily as an electronic switch, combining high efficiency and fast switching for a wide array of medium- to high-power applications such as variable frequency power supplies, traction motor control and induction heating. As market demand and power requirements increase, ruggedness and reliability of these devices become even more critical.

At Rogers, we work closely with designers to develop solutions to address their most complex power electronic challenges. At the heart of these semiconductors, we provide substrates that act as interconnections to form an electric circuit (similar to a printed circuit board) and cool the components. Compared to materials used in lower power microelectronics, our substrates must carry higher currents and provide higher voltage isolation (up to several thousand volts) while operating over a wide temperature range (up to 150 or 200C).

Our patented curamik Direct Bond Copper (DBC) Substrates have long been the industry standard for power semiconductor substrates due to their thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation and good heat spreading characteristics so critical in power modules. A key advantage of our DBC substrates is their low coefficient of thermal expansion which ensures good thermal cycling performances (up to 50,000 cycles).

We also enable electrical distribution of the electrical current in power electronic modules with our RO-LINX laminated busbars used as key components of IGBTs. Our customized, three-dimensional constructions are utilized in power modules of traction propulsion systems for rail applications, wind and solar inverters, industrial frequency inverters, large UPS systems or power supplies and other applications requiring the distribution of electrical power.

For over 50 years, we have collaborated with designers to develop solutions to enable new devices that can reliably withstand increasingly heavier loads and higher temperatures. Our newest solutions enable designers in worldwide to integrate multiple functions to eliminate manufacturing steps, lower total systems cost, and enable more streamlined packaging. Our RO-LINX PowerCircuit solutions demonstrate our unique ability to understand customers design challenges and provide innovative solutions.

We know that reliability is critical when you’re dealing with power and designers know they can count on Rogers to perform rigorous testing of all of our products to ensure the highest standards in design and manufacturing. As the technology leaders in our industry, our global team of experts partners closely with design engineers to ensure reliability and to understand and develop robust solutions for next generation modules.

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