Summer has arrived and parents are scooting their kids out the door, encouraging them to stay active.  Make sure you keep your child’s safety in mind. Here are 4 helpful tips for choosing the perfect bicycle helmet for your child:

1. Meets Safety Standards: Read the bicycle helmet safety standards of the CPSC before buying your child’s helmet. Keep in mind that bicycle helmets are not the same as skateboard helmets.

2. Perfect Fit: The most important thing about a bike helmet is its fit. If your child’s helmet is too big, it is potentially useless. A bike helmet should be worn on top of the head, covering the top of yoScreen shot 2014-06-24 at 2.32.35 PMur child’s forehead. If the helmet is too big and tips back, it will not protect their forehead. If the helmet fits, it should not slide down over the child’s eyes or move side to side.

3. Pick a Bright Color: Choose a bright or florescent color for your child’s helmet that is easy for cars and other cyclists to see on the road.

4. Add Extra Protection: After buying the perfect bike helmet for your child, it never hurts to add some extra protection for your child’s safety. Our partner, 2nd Skull® has a product called 2nd Skull® Cap which fits comfortably under all sport helmets and adds extra impact protection. The cap is made from light, soft, and breathable XRD® Impact Protection material, that also helps keep your active child cool and comfortable.

For more information, visit the 2nd Skull® web site.


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