A rapidly growing array of power electronics products are used to convert raw energy into controlled and regulated power, from insulated bipolar gate transistors (IGBT) to high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems to vehicle propulsion. Rogers Power Electronics Solutions Division has launched a new web site that features advanced materials technologies for increasing efficiency, managing heat, and ensuring the quality and reliability of your device.


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The site covers APPLICATIONS of high power electronics: High Power Electronic Packaging, High Performance Cooling, and High Power Conversion and Distribution. High power electronics are used in a wide range of demanding MARKETS include: Automotive, Mass Transit, Clean Energy, Industrial, High Reliability, Major Appliances, and Telecommunications.

A discussion of power distribution technologies covers: Direct Bond Copper Substrates, Active Metal Brazing Substrates, and Busbar Technology.

The site features curamik® Ceramic Substrates, curamik® Micro-Channel Coolers, RO-LINX® busbars and services:



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