Professors, researchers, engineers, students, and employees gathered for the ribbon cutting at the new Rogers Innovation Center in Burlington, Massachusetts on March 25, 2014. The Innovation Center is a new industry-academic partnership between Rogers Corporation and Northeastern University located at the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security.


Bruce Hoechner, President & CEO, Rogers Corp. welcomed the group and provided a view of the Center’s innovation roadmap:

Thank you to those who joined us today. Thank you to Dr. George Kostas, the benefactor of the Kostas Institute, whose vision and financial support brought his namesake to life. He is providing an opportunity for industry and academia to collaborate in creative new ways. I’d also like to thank Northeastern University president, Dr. Aoun; Rogers’ customers, if not for you we would have no need to be here; Northeastern University faculty and visitors; local government officials; the media; and  Rogers employees.

I want to give special recognition to Northeastern University’s Mel Bernstein, David Luzzi, and Peter Boynton – and all of the staff here at the Kostas Institute – for their cooperation and support. Our partnership is a true partnership where there is mutual respect and excellent cooperation. You guys have really made us welcome here. Thank you, all.

On behalf of Rogers Corporation, I want to convey our enthusiasm about our partnership with Northeastern University. We are proud of our association with the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security; this is certainly an impressive facility.

Rogers Corporation has significantly contributed to a cleaner, safer and more connected world. We are an engineered materials solutions company that provides our customers with technology advancements in high frequency circuit materials, enabling such things as advanced radar systems for defense and civilian uses, as well as cost effective cell phone internet connectivity. Our unique power distribution systems allow the world’s leading electric passenger vehicle to out-accelerate almost any gasoline powered car, our high heat ceramic substrates for power modules save energy in industrial motor applications and distribute power for solar and wind energy. And our high performance foams help protect law enforcement personnel wearing bullet proof vests by distributing the impact energy of a bullet, reducing injuries. We are very proud of our contributions to improving our world.

Rogers had its beginnings over 180 years ago right here in New England. Over our long history, Rogers has proven its ability to adapt and succeed as times change. We’ve seen technology evolve at an astounding rate in the past several years. As the world speeds up and competition intensifies, the need for innovation takes on even greater urgency. This urgent need led Rogers to seek a strong innovation partner to help us continue our successes, and was the genesis of our partnership with Northeastern. Our new model for collaboration – where we combine Rogers’ market and technical expertise with Northeastern’s academic research capabilities – will help us accelerate the development and delivery of groundbreaking new technology to our customers.

When we chose to partner with a university, we invested a great deal of effort into assessing top-tier applied engineering schools that have expertise in advanced materials technology. At Northeastern, we found not only world-class researchers, but also an institution that shares our vision for use-inspired research. We view our Innovation Center partners as expert resources for the co-development of new engineered solutions that we can then take to our customers in the global market.

We are particularly excited about the university’s focus on metamagnetics and nanotechnology. These perfectly complement Rogers’ areas of focus. In addition, we are aligned with the mission of the Kostas Center. We share your passion, Dr. Kostas, for technologies that enable security and resilience, specifically in the areas of infrastructure for communications, transportation and energy.

As a global company, Rogers has visibility to significant emerging needs in the areas of clean energy, safety and communications. The decision to co-locate our R&D, Marketing and New Business Development teams here means we can bring true market needs forward. This “real-world” view will offer Northeastern’s students our commercial perspective on how technology is developed into products.

Rogers looks forward to co-developing leading-edge products and capabilities that will deliver new solutions that Power, Protect and Connect our world. Here’s to our shared success with this exciting endeavor.



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