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In December 2012, Rogers Corporation was presented with the Innovation Excellence Award from the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC). We are proud to be the 2012 recipient of this award, which recognizes significant technology leadership and innovation by Connecticut-based technology companies.

Rogers is a company that thrives on innovation, from our employees to our products. But what does innovation really mean at Rogers? CEO Bruce Hoechner explained the culture of innovation at Rogers in this video interview.

“We look for new applications and new opportunities… our DNA is one of embracing change and moving ahead with technologies.”

Sharon, a Chemical Engineer at Rogers, describes what it’s like to work in a culture of innovation.

“Innovation is what we thrive on the most. In R&D, we encourage engineers to use 15% of their time on experimenting with ideas that might create a new, good product for our customers. We try to incubate and develop that kind of innovative culture.”

Innovation applies to much more than just technology and electronics. Something as simple as taking a new approach to interacting with a colleague or customer can be innovative. Sharon explains that innovation at Rogers means seeing an opportunity for improvement and finding a way to make it happen.

“We encourage innovation not only in product development and R&D but also innovation in production and manufacturing to improve the current process of making a product, to be better, to be more efficient, to be more lean.”

Incorporating innovation into everyday tasks is essential for career development. It also serves to inspire and engage us as we tackle challenges in the workplace. From adopting a more efficient system of organizing your to-do list to experimenting with a new computer program, innovation is a big part of our everyday lives, both in and outside the office.

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