How many times have you dropped your mobile phone? In my case, too many to count. But in those slow motion moments before it hits the ground, I cringe in fear…  Will it break? Or not?

Well, the engineers at Rogers have been thinking about this problem for some time and have been designing impact protection materials to provide the cushioning needed to protect handheld devices.

Arjun Srivastava and the team at High Performance Foams recently published this white paper: “Rogers Handheld Shock Control Design Guide” to help design engineers fully understand how to protect handheld devices from cracking in their design plan:

In SquareTrade’s November 2010 Smart Phone Reliability report, drops were the cause of 77% of all accidental damage to the smart phones. The paper goes on to point out that, “the likelihood of drop damage is directly proportional to the amount of glass
on the device,” which bodes poorly for tablet devices.

Fortunately, choosing the correct cushioning material will mitigate the risk of cracked screens in these devices. This guide is meant to help you select the proper impact protection materials for your handheld designs. It will cover a variety of tools and concepts including a clear and thorough definition of shock absorption, how cushions dissipate impact energy, and why PORON® materials are great shock absorbers
for handheld devices.

In this design guide, you will learn:

  • What is a shock absorber?
  • How do cushions help? What is cushioning efficiency?
  • Why strain-hardening properties help PORON foams absorb impact?
  • What is compression force deflection and how to measure it?

If you are designing mobile devices, this is a must read.

Download Rogers Handheld Shock Control Design Guide

One Response to Handheld Device Shock Control Design Guide

  1. Phoner says:

    My kid plays sports and the same poron is in their helmets. trust me, it saved these kids’ brains from being fried by all the hits.

    im sure that cellphone will last much longer now. i have a lg800 and have dropped it from a 3d floor balcony only to pick it up and keep talking to my girl friend.

    All thanks to rogers corporation.

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