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At Rogers, we know that to get a job done well, you need the right tools.  The same can be said of our local school systems that require up-to-date technology and equipment to engage students of all ages.

This winter, the Rogers Community Network (RCN) team asked local school systems what resources they needed this year.  With donations of $1,000 to four local school districts, students of all ages are getting much-needed tools and equipment for their classrooms.

The Killingly School District used its donation to purchase a digital projector for the high school and a digital camera for the preschool and prekindergarten students at the Goodyear School.

In Woodstock, the district used its donation to buy several high power microscopes for the local middle school.  At Rogers, we recognize the value of STEM education and we were thrilled to see the donation go towards enlightening future scientists and engineers.

Putnam’s school district put its donation towards a new digital projector for the high school.

The Brooklyn School District touched upon another important value at Rogers: physical health and wellness.  They used their donation to purchase new equipment for the district’s Physical Education Department.

The Rogers Community Network team is grateful for the opportunity to give back to our local communities and to help foster students’ love of learning.

If you have a suggestion for how Rogers can continue to help our local communities, please leave us a comment!

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