Last week, the folks over the PORON® Cushioning announced a new blog post series to educate around the science of PORON foam for a variety of applications.

From the PORON Cushioning blog:

The PORON Cushioning blog series will help product developers work through some of these challenges by addressing frequently asked questions and giving guidance as to what materials might be best for certain applications

“From polyurethanes to EVAs, and fabrics to gels, there is a variety of different impact and cushioning products that designers can use for various applications,” said Nicole Perry, Senior Product Manager, PORON Cushioning Products.   “It can be difficult to sort them out particularly when there is no specification or standard to refer too.  We’ve found that some customers simply make their choice based on “what feels right” or what has been used in the past.”

Blog topics planned for the series include:

  • Work / Duty / Hiking Boots
  • Running (traditional running shoes vs. minimalist running)
  • High Heels and Dance Footwear
  • Casual / Comfort Footwear and Aftermarket Insoles
  • Helmets (cycling, American football, baseball, rugby scrum caps)
  • Protective Apparel (compression gear and gloves)
  • Protective Equipment (elbow/knee pads, shin guards, shoulder pads and chest protectors)
  • Protective Vests (ballistic vests, back protectors, riding vests)
  • Bags and Cases (computer bags, tablet cases, camera bags)
  • Protection and comfort equipment for animals (horse splint boots, saddle pads, dog harnesses, and others)

Read the full press release.

Stay tuned … we’ll keep you posted on their progress.

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