In catching up on some internet reading, I came across this press release from Frost and Sullivan that talked about Megatrends and how those trends are driving growth in key markets, particularly Chemicals and Materials.  Frost and Sullivan defined Megatrends as “global, sustained and  macroeconomic forces of  development  that impact business, economy, society, cultures and  personal lives, thereby defining our future world and its increasing  pace of change.”

At Rogers, we are committed as a company to innovation around three key Megatrends that directly relate to how our materials help make a better world.  Our three Megatrends are:  Internet Growth, Clean Technology and Mass Transit.

What was interesting was seeing the overlap with what Frost is saying with the direction we are seeing in our business:

“Megatrends will have a profound impact on the future direction of the chemicals and materials industry,” notes Frost & Sullivan  Industry Principal Brian Balmer. “For instance, the growth of mega  cities will stimulate growth for many chemical products such as glazing  with added acoustic insulation, and materials such as plastics and adhesives that enable the production of more compact home appliances.”

“Over the longer term, continued urbanisation in developed countries will result in demand for more materials that contribute to making  ‘healthier’ buildings…  Similarly, social trends, in particular for more environmentally  sustainable solutions, will be the single biggest factor affecting  future chemicals demand,” states Balmer.

“Products designed for modern and future lifestyles (‘GenerationY’) use a wide range of innovative chemicals,” remarks Balmer. “These  include structural materials such as engineering plastics for more  compact and more feature-packed convergent devices such as smartphones,  composite materials for lighter, stronger sports equipment and  eco-friendly materials for bio-sourced, recyclable, re-usable or  bio-degradable packaging.”

Product areas that will emerge at the forefront in future due to the impact of Megatrends range from nanomaterials, smart materials and  sustainable/renewable materials to organic electronics, biotechnology and carbon fibre and engineered natural fibres. Their growing presence will, in turn, have ramifications for several  chemicals.

Looking at our Megatrends, here’s what we see:

1. Internet Growth

As the internet continues to expand, mobile data traffic is expected to double every year through 2014, while Internet traffic will expand 46% annually. Demand for speed and bandwidth of network systems, and sales of smart phones, tablets, and mobile computers are expected to increase at double-digit rates.

Rogers is responding with:

  • Printed circuit materials critical to high speed performance of fast-growing wired and wireless 3G and 4G infrastructures
  • High performance foams to seal and protect top brands of popular smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers

2.  Clean Technology

Demand for clean technologies will grow rapidly over the next five years and beyond, with deployment of renewable energy and highly efficient technologies to reduce carbon emissions for the transport sector and for energy efficiency in buildings, industry and agriculture.  This trend is driving the need for specialty materials to enable new hybrid/electric vehicle technologies, improve motor efficiencies, and increase wind and solar energy performance.   Includes technologies in renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels), information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, and many other appliances that are now more energy efficient.

Rogers is responding with:

  • Power electronic solutions for wind and solar power conversion over long distances
  • CleanTech materials to seal and protect batteries in hybrid electric and electric vehicles

3.  Mass Transit Expansion

Increasing urbanization and steady growth in urban populations worldwide, combined with the drive for sustainability, is driving demand for Mass Transit solutions (rail, aircraft, bus, and others) worldwide. Railways in India and China are expanding at a rapid pace. New components are in constant demand, and complexities of Mass Transit require innovative, high-reliability products and materials to ensure passenger safety.

Rogers is responding with:

  • Power electronic components and thermal insulation for power conversion in rail propulsion systems
  • Robust seating, sealing, and vibration isolation cushioning that meet stringent requirements for long life and passenger safety

And while it’s good to be on the forefront of trends, Rogers continues to be committed to evolving our materials to better serve the needs of our customers.  We work hard to stay close to understanding the needs of the design engineers who reach out for help.  Let us know how we can better serve you.  We’re here to assist.

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