We are always on the lookout for interesting engineer communities, and we recently found one by following the Twitter stream just after DesignCon 2011 ended.  The community we found was the SemiWiki project, a few folks from DesignCon had shared their trip reports from the show.  The community  is described as:

The SemiWiki Project provides in-demand content for semiconductor design and manufacturing, facilitating peer-to-peer communications using Web 2.0 technologies.

This group is serious about collaboration and creating a valuable community for semiconductor engineers.  What is cool is that they are running a contest to encourage and reward participation for becoming a “top influencer“, and the prize is an Android Tablet.  Winners will be revealed at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) June 5-12 2011 so there is still time!  There is a running list of those “influencers” with their points accumulated so far. Nothing like a little competition!

Beyond encouraging participation, this appears to be a growing, active community with Forums, various Wikis that includes a wealth of information being shared. Check it out if you’re a semiconductor engineer…

SemiWiki Project

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