The ACM Division of Rogers introduced two new laminates to the market at the IEEE Radio & Wireless Week Expo. The new products are geared for design engineers who need high speed or reliability for double-sided or multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs).  The new products are:  XT/duroid™ 8000 series high performance, halogen-free thermoplastic laminate materials and RT/duroid® 6035HTC high thermal conductivity laminates.

Let’s break this down a little…

About XT/duroid 8000 Series Thermoplastic Laminates


XT/duroid 8100

The 8000 series covers the range for simple multilayer designs, up to 6 layers or more.  Both dielectric constant and dissipation factor are stable over a wide range of frequencies.


  • Thermally stable design with a melt temperature higher than PTFE materials
  • Stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide frequency range for high reliability and uniform electrical properties over frequency
  • Higher operating temperature and can be used in applications where high temperature stability is necessary
  • Excellent chemical resistance for ease of processing, and resistant to solvents and reagents used to process circuit boards.
  • Environmentally friendly, Halogen free, is inherently flame retardant, Lead-free solder capable with low smoke/toxicity

Typical Applications:

  • Flex-to-install applications
  • Conformal circuitry
  • Lightweight feed manifolds
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Semiconductor burn-in

Visit the ACM web site and download data sheets for the XT/duroid 8000 and 8100 laminates

About RT/duroid 6035HTC Laminates

RT/duroid 6035HTC high frequency circuit materials are ceramic filled PTFE composites for use in high power RF and microwave applications. With a thermal conductivity of almost 2.4 times the standard RT/duroid 6000 products, and copper foil (ED and reverse treat) with excellent long term thermal stability, RT/duroid 6035HTC laminates are an exceptional choice for high power applications.


  • High thermal conductivity with improved dielectric heat dissipation, enabling lower operating temperatures for high power applications
  • Low loss tangent for excellent high frequency performance
  • Thermally stable low profile and reverse treated copper foil for lower insertion loss and excellent thermal stability of traces
  • Advanced filler system that improves drillability and extended tool life compared to alumina-containing circuit materials
RT/duroid 6035HTC Laminates

RT/duroid 6035HTC Laminates

Typical applications:

  • High power RF and microwave amplifiers
  • Power amplifiers, couplers, filter, combiners and power dividers

Visit the ACM web site and download data sheets with comparison charts for RT/duroid 6035HTC High Frequency Laminates

For more information, visit ACM High Frequency Laminates.

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