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Anurag Tihaiya, Rogers Corporation, Product Development High Performance Foams Division, provides a closer look at the development of the new generation of PORON® ReSource…

Q: Why did Rogers Corporation decide to develop a more sustainable product at this time?

Our commitment to sustainable practices and developing new materials in a responsible way has been the cornerstone of Rogers’ business operations since the beginning. Today, all Rogers’ products are free of latex, PVCs, VOCs and heavy metals. Further, Rogers is continually working to identify and develop new materials and formulations that meet the high standards of performance our customers demand, while reducing the environmental impact of these products whenever possible.

The 1st generation of PORON ReSource Cushioning contained a total of 20% ‘green’ content that consisted of 10% ground PORON scrap material and 10% soy-based polyol.  Today, the latest PORON ReSource material has been further refined, through several years of focused research and development, to contain 45% less petroleum based polyols – currently the highest replacement value available today.

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